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June 26, 2012

We’re no longer in the First Four Years, so in true Laura Ingalls Wilder tradition (because I already started the trend), you can find me at:


Going to Work

June 20, 2012

LPK decided he was going to work with Daddy today.  

He packed a work bag, gave me lots of hugs and kisses, said he’d miss me, and let himself out the front door (after telling me, quite seriously, that he would be ok and Daddy needed his help).

Once outside he became a bit uncertain.  He ended up sitting on the stairs rather morosely waiting for Daddy to come take him to work.  

I was finally able to tempt him back inside when I brought out his toolkit and told him he could work around the house and fix things for me. Nothing like a hammer and screwdriver to distract a little boy. 

He’s currently hammering away on the porch.  I think he’s pretty happy. 

Diaper Organization

June 20, 2012

For the longest time (ok, three months) I couldn’t figure out a good way to store my diapers.

I use to use LPK’s dresser as a changing table, but he’s gotten too big for it and it’s too disrupting to change Roo there.  For a while I did keep the diapers all jumbled in a basket on that dresser, but it wasn’t too handy.  Eventually they all migrated out to the living room.  I kept them neatly stacked on the back of the love seat.  They were easy to grab and make-up, but a bit of an eyesore.

Finally my sister suggested I just get a plastic chest of drawers.  I should have thought of that myself, really.  I’ll blame baby brain for now.

My diapers are all beautifully organized and easily accessible. Since I love reading and seeing others cloth arrangements, I thought I’d share my modest stash.

Chest of drawers. Changing pad and cloth wipes on top.

Top drawer: pocket diapers

Middle drawer: prefolds, flats, snappis, and fleece liners

Bottom drawer: diaper covers and various inserts/doublers

I’m, obviously, really loving cloth and have definitely changed my mind about some of the diapers I reviewed earlier.  Someday I will update when I dont have my lap full of little boys.

CSA Week Two!

June 19, 2012

Here’s my basket:

And here is everything spread out:

2 baby bok choy
2 broccoli heads
2 red lettuce
savoy cabbage

ETA: escarole!!  I got that, too!!

Honestly, I could have crammed my basket fuller, but we still haven’t eaten everything from week one!!   I felt more relaxed picking out the veggies this week.  LPK helped himself to the broom and no one seemed to mind a little boy sweeping out the shed.  Some of the old-timers introduced themselves to me and we got to talk a bit about what we planned on doing with our vegetables and, of course, my boys. Another reason I love my CSA: they actively encourage people to stand around a talk and get to know each other.  Maybe other CSAs do it, too.  It’s very much in the spirit of community agriculture.

CSA Week One

June 11, 2012

I’ve been so excited about our CSA– we’ve wanted to do this for several years, and only this year did we make it a big enough priority to remember to register in January and put aside the money.

Our first pick-up was this week.  Say what you want about New Jersey, the southern parts of the state can get fairly rural and that is where our farm is located.  I can already tell you that driving there every week is going to be such a highlight of my day.  There is nothing like getting seeing fields again and smelling the delicious smells of animals and crops and…open spaces.

I really miss the midwest, can you tell?

We get a half bushel of produce every week and one thing I love about this CSA is that you pick what you want.  Certain items have limits to them, but generally you can fill your basket with whatever your heart desires.  Since it is early summer, this week was mostly leafy green vegetables.  They let us know ahead of time what they planned to harvest, so I had a good idea of which vegetables I really wanted.  I’m also forcing myself to sample as many types of vegetables as possible, since they grow many that I’ve never prepared.

Here is my basket today:


And the produce laid out:


Let’s see, I got:

-Leaf lettuce
-Red cabbage
-Green cabbage
-4 large beets with tops
-Red swiss chard
-Imperial Kale
-Bok choy

I probably could have fit more in my basket, but I don’t know how well everything keeps and I don’t want to waste anything.

Everything was incredible looking.  It’s an organic farm, so I was prepared for smaller, spotty, possibly bug laden vegetables.  Nope.  Everything was bigger and fresher and more colorful than what you find at the supermarket.  I am so impressed (my garden veggies never looked like that…).

LPK was pretty well behaved.  Except he stole a strawberry from the baskets they were selling.  As I was apologizing to the owner and offering to pay for it, he took and bite and spit it out in disgust.  Great first impression, I’m sure.

We made a shrimp and bok choy stir fry tonight.  So so good.  I’m sure my taste buds are biased, but, I enjoyed that ridiculously much.

I also enjoyed our hour long walk this evening.  LPK rode his trike with the rest of us trailing after.  He’s only really gotten the hang of it in the past few weeks.  When it was time to go home, he burst into tears because “bike is so much fun!”


June 7, 2012

Today I rose, bleary-eyed, and was met with enthusiastic requests for breakfast.  I had already hunkered down in my nursing chair so I told LPK something along the lines of:

“Why don’t you go find your cheerios and a bowl?”

You know, something ambiguous enough to keep him occupied for a few minutes until I had more hands free.  

And indeed, it was some minutes later when the cheerful face reappeared.  

“Mommy! I made breakfast!”

“You did?” I was suspicious, at best.  We took a stroll to the kitchen.  

I was astounded.  

My little man had set out two bowls, two spoons, and dumped cheerios (as well as he could) into each bowl.  

“Mommy and me!” he pointed happily at his set up.  I hugged my darling and brought out the milk so we could eat together.  

It was only as I was pouring the milk that I noticed…yes, indeed, there were lentils in my cheerios.  

“Um, sweetie, where did you get the bowls?” I asked conversationally.  

“The sink!” he exclaimed, clambering into his chair. Yup, his stool was pushed up to the sink– still containing last night’s dinner dishes.  

I changed out our bowls, vowed to never forget dishes overnight again, and enjoyed an early morning breakfast with the chattiest, snuggliest little boy.  

And…now that I think about it.  I didn’t ask where our spoons came from.  


Good Days

June 6, 2012

I didn’t think yesterday would be a good day.

Roo was up every. single. hour. of the night.  Funnily enough, I can handle that jut fine.  Night waking don’t bother me at all, what is extremely frustrating is getting the baby back to sleep at 5am, hoping for that last hour of sleep, and hearing a little voice pipe up “Mommy, the sun is awake!”  For whatever reason, I have a better grasp on the day if I’m up (really up) before LPK.  How do toddlers always wake up with their energy set at “maximum?”

I broke down and put on Yo Gabba Gabba for an hour so that I could gather my strength.  Then I got everyone dressed and took them grocery shopping.  It was a surprisingly efficient trip with zero tantrums.  Lunch was easy and naptime effortless (I even got to sleep for a little while)!

In the afternoon we took a long walk with LPK rising on his tricycle.  He peddled around our complex and down to the jogging path.  I like that area because it’s secluded, no cars, no streets, usually the only people we encounter are other moms and little kids on walks.  Spike got to run around.  He discovered an area full of gravel and ran back and forth showing me different rocks.  He raced up and down a steep hill….Roo was in his carrier and enjoying facing outwards for the first time.  The weather was sunny, but cool… just a perfect afternoon.

HH had class in the evening so I put the kids to bed by myself and, once again, they fell asleep beautifully.  I had time to clean and prepare a nice meal for HH before he came home.  It was a simple, but wonderful, day.


I’m currently waiting for a call back from a nurse to see about getting Roo an evaluation of his suckling.  He is gaining weight fine, but he isn’t nursing correctly.  I’m paranoid that it will cause him to wean himself early since he, very obviously, does not really enjoy breastfeeding.  He makes constant clicking noises and is unable to hold the nipple– he loses it with every suck and has to re-grab it.  This means he swallows a lot of air, which means I have to burp him every two or three minutes (which is so disruptive to the breastfeeding process).

And then there are times, few and far between, where he nurses perfectly.  Usually when he’s super sleepy, and it doesn’t last for long.

He has a great latch and is able to take plenty in his mouth.  His lips have a great position– except for the fact that his is lip tied.  This means his upper lip doesn’t flare out as much as I’d like, but the pediatrician thought it was plenty.  I’m not sure what to do about the lip tie…the doctor doesn’t seem to want to mess with it and the dentist had never even heard of it :/.  If it isn’t causing problems then I’ll leave it alone, but something is not correct about Roo’s sucking.

He won’t take a bottle or a pacifier.  When he was first born, he would suck for a little on a finger or pacifier (although I tried not to offer it so early).  Now he won’t suck on anything, he’ll only chew.  The doctor couldn’t get him to suck on her finger at all, which is why she recommended a thorough evaluation.

I’m not that worried, I just don’t want him to wean early.  Plus, breastfeeding is uncomfortable and often painful which kinda sucks for me.  I’m betting that this is just the way Roo is.  He is gaining weight, so it’s not like he can’t eat.  His method works just fine for him.  I don’t know… I don’t want to make a mountain out of a molehill… I promise I’m not a hypochondriac… it just isn’t completely normal and better safe than sorry?