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Thinking Things Through

July 14, 2009

It was an early March weekend in our senior year of college that HH and I found ourselves incredibly bored. There was schoolwork to be done, for sure, but we had spring fever in a bad way. It was too cold to go outside so we huddled near my space heater and talked of days to come (really, our favorite subject ever).

This is what we came up with: who wants to wait forever? Let’s get a dog. We hopped online, found a breeder willing to ship, dipped into our honeymoon fund and three days later (when the weather was actually warm enough to ship live animals) were the proud owners of a little sheltie puppy.

Five months later we were finally married and in a brand new apartment when the thought struck us (on a particularly boring August morning), “Our poor puppy has no friends!” We instantly grabbed our keys and headed down to the local pound to buy friendship…I mean, rescue a homeless dog. We found her straight away. A big lab mix named Daisy. We paid her rescue fee and took her home.

We had Daisy for one week before it became grossly apparent that she wasn’t meant to be with us. We skulked shame-faced back to the pound to return her and left her with her tail wagging at some new visitor. To bury our guilt we immediately took off on an eight hour, each way, road trip to upstate new york and bought our second sheltie.

Now I have an apartment chock full of thick sheltie coat, two ridiculously smart dogs with enough energy to power the entire apartment complex, one dog that barks like a rabid beast when it sees anything, another that dives under furniture when it sees anything, and two toasty feet from the warm bodies currently piled atop them.

Yeah, we really think these things through.

Now any guesses on how we ended up with a baby? It was a boring evening in early April….*

*Just kidding.

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