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Planning some summer fun

July 15, 2009

HH and I have been planning a camping trip (hopefully with his sister and her husband). Ok, maybe not so much actively planning as actively talking about it.

Camping is a good option for us because it’s a) cheap, and b) we have a year-old, unopened, two-man tent sitting in our trunk begging to be used. Why do we have a tent in our car? Remember that post about not really thinking things through…?

Because we are both hopeless romantics I think the ideal camping trip would be some place in the mountains, totally secluded, accessible only by a ten mile hike. A place where we would draw our water from a trickling spring (where we would also bathe in the dewy morning) and HH would fish us our meals or hunt us some rabbit. We’d cook it on a spit at twilight, the firelight casting a sweet glow on the camp. A million stars overhead. We’d bond over stories, rabbit legs and fillet o’ fish. Then we’d crawl into our homemade lean-to with canvas siding. The dogs would lie at our feet and we’d suggle close while rain drops sifted through the forest leaves.

So I googled “camping in PA”.

Apparently camping is nothing like it used to be. You have neighbors– like twenty-five feet away. And there are planned activities and general stores on the campsite (not to mention toilets and hot showers). Fishing licenses are required and you can’t bring weapons of any kind. Dogs must be leashed, fire only in a pre-made pit and I think cutting saplings for a homemade shelter is frowned upon. And you have to pay for this experience.

It’s like apartment living with no AC and a line for the bathroom. (Although you can get a lakefront view for twenty extra bucks).

Why? Why would anyone inflict this on themselves?

And then I think that rabbit meat– not as tasty as grilled hot dogs on a bun with all the condiments. And squatting in a cornfield using husks as toilet paper was never the highlight of childhood camping trips. Who wants to hike ten miles pregnant anyhow? Being able to hear your neighbor snore still bothers me, so I create a new google search:

“5 star resort and spa in PA”

Oh well. A girl can dream.

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