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It’s a Money Grabbing Day

July 16, 2009

So guess how states with no income or sales tax support themselves? They charge you for every government service. It should have been apparent when we had to pay $25 to use the US Postal System. Now we have to pay manyl hundred dollars in “documentation fees” to register our car in this state. I don’t even think we are making up this amount in not paying income tax. And where will this money come from? Oh yeah, it grows on trees out here.

Man, being an adult blows.

But the ultimate cure for money-stress-blues??? Listen to your baby’s heartbeat. Yup, it leaves me all shaky and pale every time. Afterward, the blood-drawing lady thought I was scared of the needle when she saw my shaky arms. I just nodded, feeling kinda silly for reacting so strongly to the sounds I had only just heard.

If only I could find the cure for HH’s money-stress-blues. I think he unconsciously stresses himself out extra as if he can take my stress upon himself that way. He takes his role as provider and Chief Financial Officer very seriously. But sometimes I would give anything to take away his worries for a few hours. Especially when we are falling asleep and I can hear his little stress tic– it’s a dead giveaway of what’s on his mind, even if he’s wearing an angelic expression.

The only part of our money situation that I’m dead proud of is that we have never once fought over money. We have a lot of respect for the fact that our money belongs to both of us. This keeps us from ever making big purchases without consulting each other. There aren’t ever surprises on our credit statements and we’ve never had the “you give up this and I’ll give up that” talk. Much less the “you spent $40 on —–????” discussion. I hope we’ll always be like that.

I’m currently looking for a new job, which I know will do a lot to lower HH’s blood pressure. Life has taken us on a bit of a side track, but we keep working towards our dreams. We spent our teenage years passing the nights on the phone planning out our life together. And I’ll be damned if I don’t try my hardest to bring to life all those fantasies. We even have a few checked off the list.

Married? Yes!
Dog? Yes x 2!!
Car? One of our very own 🙂
Baby? In process
Happiness? heaps and heaps

Now all we need is to find that special place to call home (and a salary boost wouldn’t hurt either).

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