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B-natal Pops Review

July 20, 2009

At my new OB/Gyn they gave me a goody bag which included a sample of the B-natal cherry flavored pop and green apple lozenge.

These novel treats are used to alleviate morning sickness by a strong dose of vitamin B6 contained within the candy.

I had been hoping to try these for a while, so I was excited with the samples and set about letting myself get good and nauseous so I could try them out.

I have been currently treatin gmy sickness with a prescription medication since I had tried most of the holistic remedies with no success. The only one I really hadn’t tried was the B6 vitamin supplement and I had heard good things about it.

Since I hadn’t thrown up in two weeks and I was into my second trimester, I decided to forgo my meds for a few days and see how I felt. This was the perfect opportunity for the B-natal pops, since I was instantly mildly-moderately nauseous. By mid-morning, despite not changing any other part of my routine, I was feeling bad enough to curl up on the bed and stare longingly at the bathroom door.

I tore open my cherry flavored lollipop and earnestly hoped it would grant me at least a little relief. About half an hour later I was throwing up.

I honestly don’t know if that was because of my lack of medicine or because the B6 didn’t have enough time to work or because it just didn’t work. Nonetheless, I decided to try again yesterday with the green apple lozenge. I was laying down again, but only moderately sick. I did not throw up, but I didn’t feel much relief either. Not then or within the next couple hours.

I think one drawback to the pops is that they require you to suck them down and my old OB recommended against sucking hard candies because they make you produce digestive juices with nothing to digest. I have definitely thrown up bile after just chewing some gum, so I think she was on to something.

On the other hand, if the nausea is only a mild sort, B-natal pops might be just the solution. When I first started getting sick it was very mild and I would often pop a fruit flavored Altoids in my mouth and find that it helped. But that wasn’t because of the vitamin B6.

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