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A First Time

July 27, 2009

Yesterday after Mass (at a church named for St. Hedwig) HH and I decided to go grocery shopping as we had been unable to on Saturday with his grandparents visiting. We pulled into the shopping plaza and my husband spied a Hong Kong Buffet store front.

“Feel like Chinese food?” he asked. Usually this is a no-brainer because I really hate Chinese food, at least not the Americanized kind, but my husband loves it. Thus, I’m his will-power when it comes to spending money at these sorts of places.

So I surprised both of us when I responded with a hearty “Yeah, I actually do!” Then Baby chimed in with a couple strong movements. I laughed and told HH that our kid approved of the decision. As he often does when I tell him the baby is moving, he leaned over and put his hand on my belly. Only this time he almost immediately jerked it away as if he had been burned.

For the first time he had felt the baby kick within me. And in his words, “That was just too weird.”

Not weird enough for him to keep trying to feel it again, however 🙂

I have to say, the baby definitely has inherited my husband’s energy. It moves around all the time and it took a while to get to sleep last night with all the squirming going on in there. But it makes me happy, anyway.

The baby also loves Chinese food and I actually made more trips through the buffet line than HH. That’s a hard feat to pull off.

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  1. August 3, 2009 1:41 am

    How awesome that your hubby got to feel the baby move! The first time my husband felt our oldest daughter, he jumped about 5 feet straight backwards. He said it was really creepy 🙂 Good to know he's not skiddish, right!?

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