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How To Do Everything

April 10, 2010

It’s funny how I’ve yet to hit the age where I feel “all grown up.” I’d be surprised it it ever happened.  I overheard some college students talking about how they weren’t ready to graduate because they weren’t ready to grow up and I thought to myself, “here I am, married with a child, and I have so much growing up left to do.”

Anyway, one area that needs a lot of work is financial responsibility.  I’m not that bad.  Not one of those crazy people who charges everything up and pays minimum balances.  We never spend what we don’t have in our checking account, we actively work at paying off our student loans, we have a very nice savings and investing account, and are contributing too our retirement accounts.  We have never found ourselves in a tight financial spot.  Never been even close to our last dime.  But month after month after month we fail to stick to our budget.

I keep telling myself (and my poor husband who stresses about it every month) that it’s because our budget is too restrictive.  I mean really– 100 dollars for miscellaneous items?  That’s out the door as soon as Peter needs his monthly diaper, wipes, clothes and cool new gadget of the week (PS I am the biggest hypocrite ever…more on that later).  Add in an oil change, dog maintenance, and those necessities like toilet paper and 100 dollars is really unrealistic.

The problem that I’m denying is that it isn’t those things that throw us over.  It’s Wednesday night when we return from work and my tired brain can’t think of anything easy to make and I have a darling baby that needs to be cuddled and fed anyhow so we just order in– “just this once.”  Then it’s Friday and we have our new netflix movie to watch and we swing by Happy Harrys for some theatre treats “because it’s Friday.”  It’s Saturday and we head to the grocery store but pick up some subs first because the pantry is bare but if we go shopping hungry “we’ll spend so much more.”

And I write it all off as I go to sleep at night thinking, “I work all day, I take care of a baby, I cook a good percentage of the time, I reuse-reduce-recycle– I can’t do everything.”

I can’t do everything, but I could do better. So that’s my goal for this week and this week only.  Do better than last week.

Yeah, I believe in baby steps, and honestly, this week was so bad, I could do better with my eyes shut and one hand tied behind my back.  I will do it with care and both eyes open, however.  Ii will do it without complaining and with at least some enthusiasm.  And when I’m dead tired Wednesday night and my little boy needs cuddles– well, I can let the kitchen out of my control for a bit and make my husband cook.

I won’t be instantly making up for the severe lapses in money usage over the past months, but I can keep them from continuing.  And this is why:

Plus, HH thinks it’s sexy when I save money 😉

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