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I Take It Back…

April 20, 2010

I was going to raise a Spartan baby. I couldn’t see the use of all the gizmos you see around these days. And I knew my mother had managed seven of us with minimal accessories. So my child wasn’t going to bounce on a bouncer, but on my knee. He wouldn’t need a crib when he had my bed. There was no call for an activity mat when a blanket on the ground would suffice.

Can I please go back to my blissful days of naivety?

I really couldn’t be a worse hypocrite. I bought a mechanical swing in the first week, and activiy mat shortly therafter, followed by a beautiful new crib and now …. Wait for it…. I’m getting a stroller.

In my own defense I have been using a baby carrier which I freaking love, but my baby is rapidly growing and my back is rapidly breaking. Plus, I really want to start running with my husband again.
I still think it’s stupid when five strollers are crowding up the bus because mothers/nanny wanted to take their babies on a walk (and then bus home? I don’t get it…). But I did the whole “carry my infant through he mall in his carseat” deal and knew I was in trouble when I started to gaze wistfully after every passing stroller.
So basically I could stick to power walking with my son in his carrier, wait until he is old enough to run with me, never run with my husband again, or dum de dum buy a stroller.

I will not keep my child locked down for years on end and I will try to hold him physically whenever it is feasible. But I guess these new fangled gizmos have their use and place. I mean– it is really nice to be able to eat with two hands because baby is playing in his gym or swinging in his swing. and the crib…. Well, I have to take care of a husband, too.


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