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One Year Ago

April 22, 2010

One year go today, I woke up bright and early and excited. I was 9dpo and I had received Christmas early– well, the best present for anyone with baby fever– a huge package of cheap pregnancy test strips.

Since my ectopic pregnancy has occurred four months earlier I was required to test for pregnancy every cycle so I wouldn’t end up losing more of my reproductive system. Drugstore and namebrand tests run at like ten dollars a pop, so I had bulk ordered so cheapo strips from canada… Something like fifty for twenty bucks. And I had been waiting for a chance to use them.

I didn’t really think I was pregnant and 9dpo was really too early to be conclusive, but it was a Wednesday and I was bored and needed something to obsess over. So I took the test. Instantly a single line appeared.

I was a little bummed, but it was only our first month of officially trying and it was really early so I still had hope. I tucked the test under the deoderant bottle. I didn’t feel like tossing it yet, but I knew if HH saw it he would torment me to no end about my OCD testing habits.

I made my lunch, got dressed, and walked the dogs. Then I returned to the bathroom. I retrieved my test and the single line still stood out boldly. I examined the strip thinking, “if there was a second line where would it lie?”  I came to the conclusion it would be right around where that shadow was….


I raised the test to the light and sure enough, there was a very faint second line. Among those TTC the saying is “a second line is a second line, no matter how faint.”

The problem was that I was reading the test long outside the testing window and all sorts of funky things could appear.  So I went to work with butterflies in my stomach and ever free second I had was spent on dr google. I looked at pictures of evaporation lines and faint positives and tried to compare them in my head to what I had seen. I finally read some good advice: take a couple of tests simoltaneously. If they both get the line it is a positive, not an evap line.

The second I returned home I made up some excuse to seclude myself in the bathroom and with shaky hands took four tests. I waited. Each and every one had that faint line, and it was darker than in the morning.

I kept the news to myself for he next two days until on he 24th when HH and I celebrated our one year anniversary a month early. Then I broke out my one and only fancy ten dollar test.  He presented me with a beautiful diamond wedding band to replace the cheap gold band we were married with.

I, in turn, gave him this:

That is how Peter entered our lives.

Our two year anniversary is coming up next month. HH and I Both admitted that there was no way we could outdo ourselves 🙂

PS… does this violate me code of not talking about my pregnancy again??

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  1. Justin permalink
    April 22, 2010 6:49 pm

    You sure are the cutest. And yes, this does violate your code of ethics. This reader is not disappointed though 🙂

    Can you PLEASE fix all these typos though? If this iPhone fail?

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