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Seven Quick Takes Friday

April 23, 2010


It’s that time of the week again…..  I really love the weekend, but it disappears into a mountain of errand running, cleaning, and cooking for the next week.  There just isn’t enough time in a day.  Especially when all I want to do is play with my son…and husband 🙂


I have my sister’s bachelorette party this Saturday (aka tomorrow)!  So fun!  This will be my first time drinking since…well, I can’t even remember anymore.  And Daddy gets Baby for a whole evening…hmmm….we’ll see how that goes.  I have high hopes for my boys.


The pup-a-doodles get their shots today.  I absolutely refuse to let the vet charge me an average of $20 dollars a shot on top of the $56 wellness exam that is automatically tacked on for each dog.  I understand it’s their bread and butter, but really?  Luckily I am well trained in giving all sorts of injections.


Speaking of the dogs, we have a mystery bleeder in our apartment.  I awoke yesterday morning and found spots of blood making a nice trail through our living room.  Each dog, and then each human, succumbed to a thorough examination, but nary a cause was found.  How odd.


LPK is in 6-9 month clothing sizes.  Ummm…didn’t I just write about how he was in 3-6 month?  He is so tall.  Definitely has the viking gene.  He’s also losing all his baby hair and his new hair feels so velvety.  It’s hard to tell what color it is.


Another baby acheivement was the marigold he planted in daycare.  AKA, the teachers held his thumb and forced him to push his seed into the dirt.  But it was the only one to sprout.  Tell me it’s not stupid to be this proud.


Right now Peter is living the easy life.  He gets all of our attention– bath, diaper changes, clothing changes…these are all two-parent affairs.  I pray for siblings for him simply because he’s on the road to complete spoilage.  Well, that and children are wonderful.  More? Yes, please!

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