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Seven Quick Takes Friday

April 30, 2010

Ok, so, it’s Friday and I have a themed quick takes.  Yup, I’m just that cool.

Theme: being a working mother sucks a lot of the time. The guilt is enormous, especially when you enjoy your work. One day I will be a SAHM, or as close as possible. Until then, to make myself feel better, I will outline 7 of the better parts of working outside the home.


Money. Umm, yeah, it’s nice to actually be able to afford the cutie.


Husband time. Definitely one of the biggest bonuses. We get commuting time and lunch hour totally to ourselves.  It’s so lovely being able to reconnect daily — it’s like date night every day of the week.  Knowing he is just a couple buildings over, well, I couldn’t do this at all if that weren’t the case.


This is awful to say, but I got so bored at home during maternity leave.  I loved being with my boy, but the days did trend towards monotony.  Probably because he was such a little newborn.  A source of eternal awe and marvel, but besides that, I can only clean house so many times.  Nowadays my brain gets a good daily workout, whether I feel like it or not.  It’s great to have a challenging job.


I am so gosh darn organized.  I have never, in my entire life, been organized or on any sort of decent schedule.  Now I’m all check lists (that actually get checked) and I follow a schedule. Like whoa. Besides my wake up and leave for work time, I don’t keep times in my schedule– but I know when things have to get done and I actually do them.


It is sad to say, but when I stayed home I was pretty lazy.  It is really hard to be motivated, when you don’t have a strong motivating factor– like getting to work on time, or getting chores out of the way so you can play with your son.  Whenever I return to staying at home, that will be my biggest obstacle.  I really wish I could be an amazing homemaker and cook and crafter and decorator…but alas, I’m only so-so in all those areas.  At least now I have an excuse 🙂


My current only child gets a play date every day.  I don’t have any friends with kids in the area, so I really enjoy the fact that he gets some baby-baby interaction.  (Probably stupid, but I’m looking for every good angle I’ve got).


It is Christmas every day for me.  No kidding.  Come two pm or so I start thinking about seeing my little boy again and I get all sorts of butterflies and excitement.  I recall his smell and that plasters the biggest, dopiest smile on my face.  I get in the car and can barely sit still I am so excited.  The minutes start dragging and that last mile goes so slowly.  The daycare door can’t swing fast enough….and then I have him in my arms again and the whole day peels away.

So there it is…my little list.  It took my half an hour to think of these things.  If I tried to list the negatives it would take me a minute.  And my Mother Guilt obliged me to tell everyone that.  Ugh.

Speaking of which, I need to stop wasting time on the computer and go to him NOW.

Run by Jen for more Quick Takes this Friday.

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  1. May 4, 2010 2:45 pm

    I think you’re doing a great job handling motherhood!

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