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I’ve Seen Miracles

May 18, 2010

Thank you ladies for the lovely comments last week. Prayers are always hugely appreciated as I struggle continuously to lay my life and more importantly, my will, in His hands every day.

I work doing science every day. We do experiments on the molecular level so I spend my days peering through microscopes at little viruses and bacteria and creating recombined DNA. I have seen first hand how life is built from the ground up. How we function isn’t a mystery to me. But it is a marvel.

Once a week we have Grand Rounds and we inevitably learn about some small protein or enzyme that plays a tiny part in our cellular life that when disrupted has catastrophic effects. And I marvel.

Some people find it harder to believe in God when they learn about the reasons for illness. That it isn’t the mystery of God, but tiny microbes. When they learn that all our physical properties come from our spindly DNA. I just marvel.

I look at my tiny boy as he sleeps next to me and I think about his kreb cycle and the mitochondria I gave him. I fret. I think of the dying cells I have seen, the inactivated mitochondria, the misshapen protiens. Then he opens his eyes and I see his beautiful God-given soul. And I marvel.

And when I find it hard to let God be in charge when I take my little boy for a brain MRI or when I could swear there was no one listening to me–

I remember: I’ve seen miracles.

PS the Barracuda is just fine. He has a brain cyst that did not shrink like we wanted it to, but it is benign and we are hoping it will eventually go away on its own.

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