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Crying Over Rotten Milk

May 20, 2010

I packed two boxes yesterday.  Yipee?  Because of how hard I focused on packing those boxes, I forgot to put my pumped milk away in the fridge.  Today I had to make bottles from the very last of my frozen stock (hello, weekend pumping).  That makes two times this week I’ve done that.  Out of three days.

Have I mentioned that I have absolutely no ability to multi-task?  I mean, zero.  I can’t even THINK about something else when I am doing a task or I will inevitably screw it up.  And I am exceptionally prone to daydreaming.  When it’s a good daydream, I cannot process anything else.  People can talk to me, I can do things on autopilot, and I have no concept of what is happening.  It’s like awakening from a coma when I snap out.

“Hmm, where did this lovely vial full of blue liquid in my hand come from?”

My husband, is the complete opposite.  He can multi-task like a champion.  Watch a movie and write a computer script? No problem! Play with the baby, organize his papers, and talk on the phone?  Done.  Talk and drive at the SAME time???? Easy.  (Seriously, ask him, I cannot talk and do any driving manipulation other than forward.  If I have to merge or pass a car or back up– my words just stop mid-sentence until the act is done.)

I normally console myself that at least I never do things by halves.  Anything from changing a diaper to making dinner to conducting an experiment gets my complete and total focus (hopefully).  But if you, say, come up to me in the middle of making said dinner and ask me my opinion on something, or if I have to run and switch the laundry– odds are whatever we will be eating that night will be charred beyond recognition.

And that’s what happens with my bottles.  I go to put them away and I see a half-empty box and think, well, as long as I’m over here, I might as well finish packing the picture frames.  It will only take a second.  And because bottles are something that I assume I will not forget about– I forget about them.

Then I try to blame it on my husband.  I mean, what was he thinking leaving a half-packed box in my line of sight? Haha– hi, sweetie (if you’re reading), my logic is faulty 🙂

Have I mentioned, lately, how great the guy I married is?  I woke up this morning in a panic as I realized my bottles were still chilling (not literally, alas) away in my bag and he (wakes up immediately) gives me a big hug and offers to clean them for me.  Milk, sitting out overnight– that stuff stinks!!

On another, semi-related note, we are moving in two days.  TWO DAYS.

I think it is high time I enter panic mode.

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  1. Happy H permalink
    May 20, 2010 8:44 am

    Of course I’m reading — is it sad that your logic quote reminded me of Mr. Spock?

  2. May 20, 2010 2:58 pm

    This post made me laugh out loud. You and your husband are the exact opposite of my husband and I – I’m the continual multitasker, who gets ridiculously frustrated at his inability to juggle more than one thing at once 🙂 Thanks for writing about being a non-multitasker, though -it really helped me to see from his perspective a little better, and understand that it isn’t that he doesn’t *want* to get things done, but that his mind doesn’t work to do more than one thing at a time!

    Good luck with the moving!

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