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The Beginning of Summer

June 3, 2010

Despite the fact that I have been out of school for several years, and that weather-wise the summer stays for longer than three months, I always think of June-August as “summer.”

And so, June 1st, I pulled out my summery clothes only to make a horrible realization. Last year I was pregnant. Last year I didn’t get around to buying maternity clothes until I was 27 weeks along. (yes, I measured consistently small for my pregnancy and thought I could get away with it). I never really thought about the fact that there might be a reason to wear maternity clothes even if you aren’t sporting a huge baby bump. Namely, it would be awesome if, when you returned to normal clothes, they weren’t all stretched out along the midriff. Or the waistline.

I looked pretty normal sized wearing these things last summer. Trouble is, that normal size wasn’t my normal size. Bummer. At least next time around I already have maternity clothes and I now know how amazingly comfy they are. (I had two thoughts when I put on my first maternity outfit: “wow, I look like a cute pregnant chick, not some awkwardly lumpy person.” and “Dear Lord, these are the most comfortable clothes I’ve ever worn in my life.”) I was honestly sad that I only got ten weeks of wear out of them.

We spent the first truly hot days of summer (aka Memorial Weekend…sigh…) cleaning out our old apartment.  We didn’t turn on the AC because we didn’t want to pay to be cooling two places at one (regardless of the fact that we were doing lots of hauling and dripping sweat…) But, we got the place super empty and clean:

and yes, that is my baby lying on the floor.  And yes, he is playing with rolled up balls of paper.  That’s all I had.  Luckily he got some better entertainment later on:

He really loves the dogs and they tolerate him.  This morning he was having a laugh-fest because he figured out how to make the doggies his instant friends.  Spit up.  All over the place.  Then it’s “clean up on aisle baby.”

Yes, the dogs licked the Barracuda clean.  Arms, hands, legs, face.  It was over before I knew what had happened.  But they lay at his feet for several minutes eagerly hoping for an encore.  He made them pay a price, however, pulling at the hair around their faces and their ears.

We are all done moving.  We have everything unpacked and I am ready for a weekend that does not involve large trucks and boxes.

Suggestions for fun summer activities that the wee one would enjoy?

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  1. June 3, 2010 11:31 am

    Monkey enjoys playing in/with water when it get hot. Either in his bath or at the lake 🙂 When he was a lot smaller we would go outside and sit in a shady spot and play.

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