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A Day in the Life

June 6, 2010

Yesterday was really the first Saturday we had to ourselves for some time.  It was great.

We took the Barracuda to our swimming pool for his first time.  He loved it! First we went in the wading pool, which was fun, and then we took him to the big pool.  He thought swimming with Mama and Daddy was tops.  For his bathing suit I just had him in little swimmers diapers and a swim top (size 12 mo…sigh…it fit perfectly).  I felt horrible, though, because I searched WalMart and Target and couldn’t ind an infant hat.  I rubbed sunscreen all over his head and was still paranoid he was getting sunburned, so we only stayed in the water for about half an hour.

I think I had more fun than anyone else– I haven’t enjoyed a pool trip like that in years.  Children make things much more enjoyable!

I finally hit up BabiesRUs (I should have just gone there first,) and got LPK a swim hat and a little baseball cap.  Oh my goodness…he looks so adorable.  Pictures shall be forthcoming 🙂

In the evening HH and I decided to go on a movie date.  How to do that with a nursing infant?  New Jersey’s only drive-in theatre, of course!  Double feature for way cheaper than a regular movie admission and we had the privacy of our car and a big dinner to snack on throughout.

We had never done a drive-in before…it was amazing!  Even with a couple big cars parked in front of us, you could see the screen perfectly.  You just tuned your radio to the right station and the sound was to your liking.  It was dark and everyone was facing forward, so no one noticed when I reclined the seat and nursed my baby.

On the downside, it was really really hot.  I had to strip LPK down to his diaper.  There were also a lot of bugs… luckily, they all went after me and left HH and my little boy alone.  Still, I was jumping out of my seat to imaginary crawlers pretty regularly.

The first show started at 8:45 and ended at 10:30.  It was “How To Tame a Dragon.” Eh.  The second show was “Prince of Persia.”  We tried to stay awake, really.  But by ten, with the Barracuda sleeping sweatily in my arms and both adults yawning, we decided to pack it in and not stay for the second feature.

All in all, a great experience.  Definitely would be lots of fun to do with older kids.  We saw families that had come around 6:30 to eat a leisurely dinner, their kids playing football and tag in the surrounding grassy areas.

We got to bed about eleven and the Barracuda was up at 5:30, like usual.  I just fed him in bed and wonder of wonders he fell back asleep until eight.  I’m letting HH sleep in and then we will catch he late Mass.

There you have it, our day recorded for posterity’s sake.

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  1. Adriana permalink
    June 6, 2010 11:56 am

    i cant believe you guys got to go to a drive-in movie theater! that’s one of my dreams, haha!

    sounds like a lovely day though, being able to relax and spent it with your family. I love how he already fits into 12mo clothing 🙂 Gaia (the baby i nanny for) is 9.5 mo and she wears size 18mo clothing, so i think LPK is on track with being a big, beautiful chubby baby… chubby babies are the best though! (so are little kids, at least until theyre like 10 then id start to worry heheh :D)

  2. June 7, 2010 12:12 am

    You are a genius! I’ve been trying to think of some date ideas that would work with a nursing baby. I think we’ll be going to drive in theater very soon 😀

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