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Seven Quick Takes

June 18, 2010


Today my little Barracuda is six months old!!!  How has it gone so fast?  And yet, we’ve crammed so many things into those months.  Right now, LPK is rolling like crazy in all directions.  He can scoot around on his tummy and he is working on the crawling position.  He loves grabbing at anything and everything and playing with things that crinkle (aka any bit of trash).  He can find his pacifier and put it in his mouth and he eats like a champ.

Oh, and his favorite person is Daddy.  No one can make my little boy laugh like his Dad.  It’s a good thing I love them both so much or I’d be inclined towards jealousy 😉

That tongue thing is new since yesterday


We have tomatoes!!! Little green ones.  Now we just need to make enough to cover the cost of the plants.  Haha.


For some reason, we have the worst luck with cars.  As in, it’s never just one thing that goes wrong, but a multitude.  This week has been like that and, to top it off, we got a notice from a bill collector that we are delinquent in our Providence car excise tax.  We haven’t lived in RI for well over a year.  We had never received any notice of this tax being due, in fact, we had never even heard of the tax.  But, apparently it is one super hefty tax for the “privilege” or registering your car in RI.  And the bill was for only half a year, so we have another one to look forward to.

This was a tax that, as I researched, was supposed to be phased out by 2006 and isn’t addressed on any state website I could find.  And RI wonders why people are leaving their state in droves.

I a so tired of these surprise fees that states keep hitting us with.   I miss the midwest.


LPK is getting rather violent when he nurses.  He will spend the first five minutes or so hitting me and thrashing about.  Not meanly or angrily , but according to my husband he does the same thing with his bottle.  Is his normal?  Do you think he isn’t getting enough to eat?  He settles down eventually…so maybe he’s just energetic?


So this thrush thing is not fun. At all.  The Barracuda is a crank and is waking up all the time at night.  I don’t feel so hot either. It’s like I’m back in my first two weeks of nursing (well, not that bad, maybe second two weeks).

On the plus side, the little man loves his medicine.  I’m not sure if I’m doing it right…I sort of swab his cheeks with a q-tip drenched in the liquid.  He tried to suck on the q-tip and then licks his lips with a big smile when I’m done.


My little sister got an interview at the school of nursing she applied to…hooray, I’m so proud of her!!


Baby smiles are the best. thing. ever.

Six Months!

As always, see Jen for more!

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  1. June 18, 2010 10:48 pm

    Ugh – thrush! hope you get better soon. Your son sounds pretty normal with the nursing thing – was he doing it before the thrush? If not, his mouth might be sore; if yes, your let-down might be slowing down a bit (as I understand it, that happens as the baby gets older and your body adjusts more and more to how much milk they actually need). My daughter has been wicked wiggly when she nurses pretty much all along, but it definitely got worse past six months or so. A lot of what is happening at that age is that they want to move so badly that they try to do it all the time. Unfortunately, it hasn’t gotten better for us yet – even at nap time she does acrobatics while trying to nurse (literally. “ooh, can I roll over on my tummy and still nurse? What if I roll over Mom while staying attached? Maybe try and sit up?”) All you can do is be patient with them..

    Your son is super cute 🙂 Enjoy this stationary phase while it lasts!

    PS – congrats on the tomatoes 🙂 I’m sure you’ll make the $$ back – we’ve got about 30 tomatoes growing on our 8 plants so far, and it’s only the third week in June. If yours have started doing well enough to be setting fruit, I bet they’ll keep right on going.

  2. June 19, 2010 1:14 am

    He is so cute! Yay on the tomatoes! Mine have officially been composted, even my cucumbers are looking sad. I guess that’s what I get for putting out my plants while it’s still cold at night. Gardening in the North is no fun sometimes :S

  3. June 19, 2010 9:59 am

    My little almost-3-month-old moves all around when he’s nursing. He’s an active guy, so maybe yours is getting more active. Mine gets mad because he wants to be able to kick his feet onto something, but then he’ll kick himself off my breast, and then get mad because he’s not latched on anymore, and then I’ll move so he can’t kick anything and scoot like that, and he gets mad because when he kicks, there’s no resistance there. *sigh*

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