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Exit Two

June 27, 2010

Yesterday was the wedding day of my son’s Godparents and our dear friends.  The festivities were taking place in Rhode Island, which is a good 5.5 hour trip for us.  I was excited because it would be the first time we’d be back in Rhode Island since I was pregnant and I wanted to take pictures of LPK on our old campus– the place where we met, our favorite bench…all that fun stuff. Plus, wedding! What could be more fun?  Harhar, I laugh at myself now.

A few days before we leave the friends we thought we were going to stay with back out.  Not really anyone’s fault, just a bunch of mis-communication.  It left us scrambling for a place to stay.  A place that would take dogs.  And wasn’t absurdly expensive.  As it turned out, absurdly expensive or no, every single hotel room in Providence and the surrounding areas was booked for that weekend.  Besides, say, college commencement, I’d never heard of the city being that crowded.  We finally found a rink-a-dink place about half an hour away from where the wedding was to be that had rooms and allowed dogs.  It wasn’t the type of place we wanted to stay for two nights, so we scrapped leaving a day early for picnics and walks on the beach and decided to make it up just for the wedding day.

We aimed to leave the house bright and early, say 6 am?  Of course, we weren’t actually on the road until nearer to seven.  And then we weren’t actually on the turnpike until much later due to many wrong turns.  This was about the time when I realized we had forgotten our camera.  Huge Bummer.  (Because, obviously, if you don’t have pictures it didn’t happen 🙂 ).  Despite the fact that I had been a horrible mother and kept LPK awake much later than usual the night before (to prep for long trip), he refused to sleep for the first leg of the journey, but was happy to relay how miserable he was.  We pulled in at a service plaza and my poor husband (who hadn’t slept a wink the night before, don’t ask me, he never can sleep before road trips), went to fetch a coffee.  I changed LPK’s diaper only to find: horror of horrors.  Diaper rash.

Yes, indeed, just a few days after posting on Abby’s blog that I had no experience with diaper rash (hint hint MY child never has gotten it), the Barracuda had not just regular diaper rash, but what was unmistakably thrush on the bum.  And he was in extraordinary pain.  It kills you when the little baby looks at you with those eyes that say “take away the hurt, I know you can.”  But, you can’t.

My pediatrician has limited Saturday morning hours and I figured I could call, talk to a nurse, and maybe get a special cream ordered to our old pharmacy in Providence.  The pediatrician was open…and I spent, all told, an hour on hold.  They never picked up for me.  I was practically in tears.  (Hey, first time mother here, I take this stuff seriously.)

I did some research on my trusty iPhone– definitely a yeast diaper rash, but I might be able to get over the counter cream.  So we continue on our merry (err, somewhat deflated) way.

We make it almost to the RI border.  The baby is still not sleeping and HH looks like death so I suggest that we check in early to the hotel and all take a nap.  My husband obligingly calls the front desk to see just how early we can check in.  We most definitely should have looked into this before.  Check in– at the hotel half-an-hour from the wedding, is the same time as the wedding.  No exceptions.

I wouldn’t have minded getting dressed in the car, but we had the dogs with us.  There was no place to leave them temporarily and it was much too hot to leave them in the car.  We made a last ditch effort, calling random hotels.  Absolutely no rooms available.  At this point we had made it into RI.  I pulled off at Exit 2.  There wasn’t much to see, except signs for a small campground.

HH and I looked at each other with the same thought.  We have been carrying around a never used tent in the trunk of our car.  We even had our (his) fishing supplies back there.  We burst out laughing at the absurdity we had sunk to and then I started crying.  We had come this far, but there was no way we could continue without a place to stay, or at least a place to shelter the dogs for a few hours.

The farthest we got: RI Exit Two

We turned around and went home.

The homeward bound journey was three thousand times worse.  Mostly because the turnpike southbound was completely closed.  In the middle of the day.  On a Saturday.  For construction. It added three hours to our trip.  Three hours of playing chinese fire drill as we both tried to keep a very unhappy baby entertained in standstill traffic.  There was another family next to us doing the same thing, though, so at least we weren’t alone 🙂

And that was our great adventure of the week.

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  1. June 27, 2010 11:16 am

    oh! Hugs for you 😦 That sounds like absolute misery. It must be something about weddings in RI… we have friends who live there, and traveled there for their wedding before we got married. It was an oddly similar saga of traffic jams, wrong turns, me accidentally leaving my purse at a Subway and having to double back again through all the traffic, etc.. fortunately we were getting there the night before, so we just ended up completely missing the rehearsal (and we were in the wedding). The saga didn’t end there, similar things happened the whole way home, including a traffic jam due to a moose that had taken out two cars, getting back on the interstate going the wrong way and not realizing it for awhile, and finally, being pulled over by a cop for “erratic driving” at 2 am literally steps away from home because we were slowing down and then speeding up… *because we were worried about moose*!

    Anyway I can’t imagine having to go through that kind of a car trip with a yeast rashy baby in the car 😦 It is the worst when you can’t get them to sleep, and can’t take them out of the carseat. How awful, and disappointing to boot!

    Hope you had some luck with the over-the-counter cream. It never worked very well for us.. really the only thing that did was air time, and strangely, the acidophilus and breast milk trick, but hers was never bad-bad, it never seemed to really *hurt* her. Once you get him over it, giving him baby probiotic powder wouldn’t be a bad idea, to get some “good bugs” into his system to help fight the yeast. I’ll be praying for him! Isn’t it just the worst feeling in the whole world when your child is in pain.. far worse than being in pain yourself.

    • June 29, 2010 8:42 pm

      This may be a silly question– but, what’s baby probiotic powder?

      That’s so funny you had the same problem getting into RI…seriously, that state…
      Oh, and leaving your purse somewhere random– I cannot count the number of times I’ve had to shame-facedly backtrack to retrieve items (purse being number one and camera number two).

      • June 29, 2010 9:14 pm

        Backtracking for items is *the worst*, especially when you have someone along for the ride who has to good naturedly humor you in your shame 🙂 Fortunately my husband is a very, very patient person.

        And probiotic powder – not a silly question at all. I only heard about it very recently. It’s basically the same stuff that is the active ingredient in yogurt (the active cultures). As you probably know.. some people take acidophilus or eat lots of yogurt because the cultures purportedly do good things for your immune system, digestive tract, and such. They also are supposed to be part of what keeps the naturally occurring yeast in your system in check, so supplementing them when there is a yeast problem can help bring things back into balance. The baby probiotic powder has culture strains that are specific to what is naturally occurring in little people (bifidus, etc)… I’ve read conflicting reports as to whether you’re supposed to give babies acidophilus or not so I went with the baby specific stuff when I started feeding it to LW recently. It comes as a powder and you just mix it into their formula or food or whatever once a day (ours is only 1/4 tsp per day so not very much). I can’t say for sure whether it really makes a difference, but I can say that after a few days of the acidophilus/breastmilk on the bottom and probiotics by mouth, LW has been rash free in the cloth diapers.. no creams, no nothing. Admittedly, I did Nystatin on her once the other day just for good measure, to finish killing off whatever had been causing the rash on and off for months, so that probably factors in as well, but the other stuff really seemed to be what cleared everything up.

        Anyway, I’ll stop writing a novel in your comment box 🙂 I hope LPK finishes healing up!

  2. June 29, 2010 8:42 pm

    How awful! For a moment there I thought you were going to get a camping spot and put your dogs in a tent. Sounds like you had quite the adventure :S

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