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Seven Quick Takes Sunday (because I never hit publish on Friday)

July 4, 2010


LPK is almost crawling! He’s up on all fours and moving his legs…now he just has to figure out how to operate his arms.  I think it’s time to check that all cords are out of reach, outlets covered, and sharp corners protected. (Am I forgetting anything?)


I am looking forward to a low key fourth of July with some family (yay!).  I can promise many cute pictures because I have the most adorablest outfit for the babe (random on-sale find)!


I need some new music/artists to listen to– and I’m open to suggestions.  Some of my favorite artists are: Sarah Brightman, Loreena McKennit, Hayley Westenra– erm yeah, I like women singers and pretty songs.  Songs that tell good stories or make me cry (aka any song about motherhood) are always a bonus 🙂


So this is my quick No-Poo Hair Diet 2.5 week update: I failed and used shampoo three times.  There, the hard confession is out.  The first five days were so tough, my hair dripped grease and when I woke up one morning from a lovely dream about sudsy shampoo sliding through my hair (I kid you not), I knew it was time to de-oil my hair.  I broke down two other times in similar fashion.

The problem with blonde hair is that it’s super easy to tell when it’s dirty.  Clean hair = very blonde.  The more oil that accumulates the darker it gets.  When I start looking brunette, you know something is wrong.  But, I think my scalp is starting to cut back on oil production, which makes me very happy.  Other than that, it’s going pretty well.  The baking soda paste was a horrible idea, so I just boil water and saturate it with baking soda (so it’s dissolved).  This works much much better (and I don’t get mounds of baking soda in my ears).


We found the Barracuda’s first tooth!!!  Haha, you can barely feel it poking out of the gum but his Dad and I were so excited.  If, God willing, we have as many children as I hope for, I can only imagine how we will look back on ourselves and laugh.  We’ll have our fourth or fifth child sitting on our laps and one of us will say, “Hey, did you know this kid had teeth?” as they bare eight or ten pearly whites.


I have two sisters going through some tough personal times.  They could really use some prayers 🙂


I wonder when I’ll be so grown up that I won’t care what other people think of me.  It has to happen someday, right?  That is something that has always impressed me about HH.  It flat out does not bother him what opinions, judgements, etc random people form about him.  I cannot even begin to fathom that attitude.  When we went to the drive-in, for example, they started the movie by playing the Star Spangled Banner and he put his hand over his heart and then raised those thick eyebrows at me and my stationary, clenched hands.  Because no one else was doing it, so it obviously wasn’t cool and — oh look– everyone is jumping off a cliff, maybe I should, too…

Apparently I still have the brain of a seventh grader.

Anyway, he says and does exactly what he he feels is right and just regardless of what other people may or may not think.  I really love that about him.

ConversionDiary has many many more!

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