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Worthy Read and First Fourth

July 7, 2010

I’m not really supposed to be advertising my sister’s blog– but she wrote such a beautiful post, I felt I had to share it (especially for all you L’Engle lovers). So go and read: THIS

Really.  Grab something cool to drink on this blistering day, lean back in an armchair with your laptop and read it.

And since she is such a better writer than me (I blame the kiddo), I will have to lure you back with cute baby pictures.  Ready?

Little Yankee Doodle

There is always a dog in the background

He’s really starting to be a handful.  He can reach for me now and pull himself up on my leg, which is so gosh-darn-cute and yet has a strong likelihood of become annoying.  And, does this kid love his Dad, or what?  As soon as HH walks into the room LPK starts doing a little dance and laughs like crazy.  I just get the “Mama, I’m hungry,” clothes tugs.  I know approximately thirty-five million more nursery rhymes and kids songs than my darling husband, but his limited repertoire is entirely preferred.  Maybe he just has a funny face 🙂

(I’m not jealous at all, I love how bonded they are!)

In other news, and an effort to be ever-more budget conscious, as of this month we have officially become cash only.  (And it’s all the fad in bloggyland with rave reviews).  I hate giving up the credit card reward points, but it’s a fact that spending money on a credit card is so much easier than spending cash.  I do not let go of cash easily.  We’ve never spent more than what we had, even so, we really need to start paying down our student loans, and that means severely curtailing the miscellaneous expenditures.

Whatever works, eh?

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  1. July 7, 2010 12:33 pm

    Such adorable pictures!!!

    I think the cash-only is a good idea. It hurts more to take money out of a wallet than your credit card, and it makes it easier to see physically how much money you have left in your budget.

  2. July 7, 2010 1:18 pm

    Thanks for sharing the link to your sister’s site – I needed to hear that today. Plus, L’Engle lovers unite!

    Your little boy is just so adorable! They do get to be a handful though once they move 🙂 Fortunately it develops sort of slowly, day by day, so that you have time to adjust. Sometimes I think that birth should be more like that: I mean, you get pregnant and have 9 mos to adjust to your ever-growing body, and then *bang*, there is a baby that you have to take care of. No gentle acclimation for either one of you, no “easing” into full-time parenthood. I’ve found the transition from little baby to toddler a lot easier than from pregnant woman to mom, simple because the one happens so much more gradually than the other!

  3. Adriana permalink
    July 7, 2010 3:17 pm

    awww! thats so exciting that hes becoming more mobile. a little scary but mostly just amazing! Gaia is walking like crazy but only if im holding her hand, so im trying to teach her to stand without holding onto anything mainly because my back is starting to hurt from bending over so much haha! he is so cute, i show ben all the pics you post and ben isnt a baby person (he thinks theyre similar to dumb puppies) but hes like man that is a cute baby! i will never get tired of seeing pics of LPK so keep em coming!! 🙂

    ahhh cash only is probably one of the best ways to save money. i think im going to start implementing it. especially on the weekends. after this weekend i looked at my bank account and was like EXCUSE ME???? what the heck did i do?? and since i keep pushing my college loans off too, i think this is a really good idea.

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