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Seven Quick Takes

July 23, 2010


We have a hanging basket on our porch that contained some sort of flowering plant.  Not long after we hung it, we started seeing a bird flying to and fro.  Taking the pot down, we discovered that little Miss Bird had built herself a nest, right in the center of our plant.  Shortly thereafter, we found two small eggs.  We tried to be very careful when watering the flowers so that the nest wouldn’t get wet.  A few days ago, the mama bird refused to budge from her sitting place.  When she finally left to sneak a bite to eat yesterday morning we found her little secret:


Well. that’s it for news, folks!

Just kidding.

It’s been a long week.

And my lame attempts at humor are going to pass for an actual Quick Take.


I have a co-worker from China who is staying at our lab for a year.  Her English is very broken, but she loves to talk (God bless her, really, it takes so much courage).  She knows I have a son and she has a ten-year-old daughter.  Today we were conversing about our kidswhen she said,

“It is heavy work to breed children.”  Haha, I love her.

She also asked if I wanted more babies.  I replied emphatically in the affirmative.  Not really thinking, I returned the question to her.  She told me;

“I want lots of children.  But we are not allowed.”

It may not be easy for me to have kids, but at least I get the option.  So, today I’m in a thankful mood.


I want to blog about stuff I did at work today.  But I’m not allowed to.

It’s classified.

Not really.  I’m just warned against public discussion of the things I do in case some crazy person decides to take me out in the name of animal rights.

Honestly, though, what I did today just proves that I love all living creatures.  Hmm, maybe I’ll make some protected posts about my work.  It’s very cool and life-saving (eventually).


I read a book today I found in our lab library called “Brain Tumors in Infants and Children.”  I love neuroscience/pathology and babies and feeding the morbid person inside me.  Anyhow, I flip it open and start reading case stories.  It’s a very simple book.  Black and white, cleanly printed text, a few plates here and there showing dyed tissue samples.

I skim each case story and see they revolve around brain operations, very neatly and carefully recorded.  I read more closely.  Blah, blah, blah..”This child presented at four years and was born August 22, 1924–”  Good Lord! 1928?????

Yup, they were doing open brain operations, in children, using ether, before they knew what germs were.  Before they had antibiotics.  When the best they could do for plummeting blood pressure was to inject some glucose.  Every one of their 400 or so patients died.  Either from “unexplained sudden rise in temperature following surgery (*ahem* infection)” or the cancer metastasized.  Or it wasn’t even cancer and they just died from HAVING THEIR BRAINS CHOPPED INTO before modern medicine.

Except nine who lived.

Who had their proud teenage year photographs in the back.

Did I mention I’m thankful today?  Add being born in this present time to the list.


Umm…  Has anyone seen this? Kinda laughable.  Especially when the facts concerning the Pope’s infamous letter stand as such.


Last, but most certainly not least, please keep LPK in your prayers this coming Wednesday.  He has his sedation MRI and we are expecting to see a benign cyst (hopefully no larger– maybe even smaller).  My stomach drops miles below my toes when I think about…ugh…let’s not even go there.  Prayers for a smooth sedation experience and !!fabulous results!! and a Mama that isn’t throwing up from nerves would all be most welcome.

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  1. July 24, 2010 7:59 am

    #1, what a wonderful story about the baby birds!

    #3, our oldest daughter is from China. We adopted her in 2006 when she was ten months old. When we were in China, it was beautiful yet heartbreaking to see how much attention my daughter received from the local women. They came up on the street and fawned over our daughter, making friendly comments,and touching her hand,or cheek.

  2. July 24, 2010 11:23 am

    That was quite the 7 quick takes! A little morbid especially the brain operations (yikes!). We’ll be keeping you in our prayers this Wednesday 🙂

  3. July 25, 2010 12:57 pm

    I am always amused at how atheists characterize themselves as calm, rational, intelligent, and just wanting to be left to their own views without intrusion by Christianity, which they view as crude, aggressive, and overly-dramatic.

    And then there’s me: you’re typical Christian/Catholic. I go to mass, pray quietly and privately, and generally am only identifiable as Catholic by my Miraculous Medal. I respect other religions (and atheists) and actually look up to a few leaders from other religions (cause hey, they generally have some pretty interesting and enlightening things to say).

    And then you have the atheists. Like Richard Dawkins. Despite priding themselves on tolerance and acceptance, they make it their purpose to not only denounce other religions beliefs but to aggressively attack them. Apparently just peacefully leading your life according to your own spiritual beliefs while coexisting with others is not enough. I guess that if you are an atheist, you have actively to seek out and threaten other religions and religious leaders.

    Umm. Yeah. I Don’t get it. But thanks for giving me the opportunity to rant, Heddy!

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