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Thank you, God!

July 28, 2010

The cyst is still there, but stable and benign!!  Hurray!!

I kept telling myself I wasn’t that worried, even though it was on my mind a bunch leading up to today.  We arrived at the hospital at 8 and I didn’t get the results until 3.  When the doctor explained them I started trembling from head to foot with pure relief.  I had no idea I had that much pent up worry.  I didn’t stop shaking for an hour.  Crazy.

LPk handled the anesthesia like a champ and the Versa– oh boy, he was a little wacko on that.

On a somewhat unrelated note– the neurologist did diagnose him with a fairly bad case of plagiocephaly resulting from his torticollis.  It looks like the wee Barracuda will be wearing a helmet here for a few months.  That should be interesting.

Sigh…thank you so much for all the prayers.

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