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Gone in Sixty Seconds

August 28, 2010

Friday morning, after our usual getting-ready-for-the-day routine, our little family of three trooped out to our car.  Only to find that we’d been robbed.

The thief had snatched our GPS, all it’s accessories, and all the miscellaneous car chargers we had in our center console (I guess they didn’t want to bother searching for the right cord).

We hated our GPS.  It had been a birthday present for my husband from his dad and was top of the line– but it loved to give us bad directions and freeze up in the middle of ghettos.  And the stupid thing always thought it was on low battery, so right before a critical turn, it would turn on the helpful “plug me in” screen, even though it was plugged in.  Really, one of the more annoying electronic devices we have ever had.

My husband and I surveyed the ransacked car and told each other how grateful we were that only the GPS had been stolen– not the car.  (Or the car seat– that would have put us in a pickle, let me tell you).  Still, we drove silently to the daycare, our bagels uneaten in our hands.  Because, when it comes down it, it wasn’t the fact that someone took our stuff– it was the fact that we had been violated.  It’s a weird sickening feeling.

We place so much emphasis on privacy, personal space and possessives.  It’s quite shocking when someone disrespects these boundaries.  In this digital age, there is always a lot of gossip swirling around the internet about privacy policies, data mining etc.  I have only ever given these news articles and blogs cursory glances.  Frankly, I don’t have much patience with those people who put up embarrassing pictures of themselves or sign their names to private writings online and are then surprised when they crop up on google.  Or those people that start (very interesting drama-filled) blogs and then are downright infuriated and aghast when someone they know in real life finds and reads it.

I’ve always been highly aware that everything and anything I do or put online is trackable and should never be presumed private.  For that reason, I don’t mind the data mining sites or the ads google targets at me.  Yes, I’m in my twenties, I’m a mother of a boy, I like reading blogs, gardening, and looking up farms in beautiful countyside that I will probably never buy.  If you dig, you can find my teenage online journals (and get a good laugh out of them).  You won’t find embarrassing photos, radical writing, or well, anything that exciting.  Why? Because I have never put anything like that online.  It’s all about control.

And, while I feel like I had no control over the fact that someone entered our vehicle Thursday night and searched through our private things, the fact is, that I did.  You see, we didn’t lock the car.

We live in a beautiful, well-lit, well-off suburb.  We got lazy.  We have to carry in four full totes, mail, and a 22 lb sleeping baby every evening.  I never have a hand to fish for my car keys and HH always dashes up the stairs to get the apartment door open for me.

I’m not excusing the thief, whoever he was.  I’m just not excusing myself either.  I’m not going to be like the irate college student who is trying to get his first job and a potential employer finds sketchy photos and gossip online when they google their name.  Our GPS was put away, but the stand was still on the windshield– it would take five seconds to open the door and check for the unit.  For that matter, if the thief was really serious about taking it, I’m rather glad our car wasn’t locked.  At our last apartment complex we saw windows smashed open to get at the electronics.  And that would have been a much nastier surprise.

It’s an invasion of privacy, yes, and while I wouldn’t call it invited– it wasn’t discouraged.  I guess that’s the more important part.

But, ugh, we are so dependent on our GPS.  Especially since we move so much.  I don’t know where anything is.  Mapquest?  Yeah, right, that’s so 2000.

Oh– he also took all our quarters.  All two-dollars-andfifty-cents worth of quarters we had neatly stacked in a change holder.  Who steals a $300 GPS and quarters?  Eh, well…

In brighter news:  LPK learned to pull himself up into a standing position this week.  He’s doing it all the time now!! Based off that feat, how far behind is walking?  Just curious… because he has never really crawled (beyond tummy-surfing), but he loves walking when we hold his hands.

Look at those chunky thighs!

P.S. In case anyone with devious intentions is reading this– our car and apartment are always locked now.  And we have big savage dogs guarding us behind the doors.  I mean, look at those teeth!

Savage, I tell you

In all their Sheltie beauty! (but still savage 😉 )

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  1. Adriana permalink
    August 29, 2010 7:37 pm

    😦 im sorry about your gps! but you are right – thank god your windows weren’t smashed in.

    HE IS SO CUTE!!! so, Gaia started walking before crawling. She learned to pull herself up and walk with us holding her hands – she would zooooooooom all over the place. it was so adorable. but she actually jsut recently (the week before her first birthday) started taking steps on her own. and she HATED tummy time. and the idea of crawling. but around 11 months old, she started to crawl and now she clearly prefers walking but will crawl if i refuse to hold her hand (either crawl or cry, but yeah). so good luck! and no biggie in my opinion if he walks before he crawls. i remember hearing that it was a bad thing once upon a time, but Gaia is super smart (clearly im not bias) and she knows how to walk and crawl, so i wouldnt worry about him not crawling.

    Yay for walking babies!!!!!!!!! BUT. Gaia started to take some steps on her own like around 11 months, and then completely stopped, as if she was too scared all the time. if she realized she was standing on her own (not holding onto any one or anyone holding onto her) she would sit down immediately, completely freaked out. But after a month, she slowly started to realize she COULD do it on her own and not get hurt. So now she’s much slower on her own , but she does it. so dont been worried if he just wont do it for awhile. Although she still prefers walking with us bc she can go faster (its almost as if shes running, its so cute!)

  2. August 30, 2010 1:38 am

    It is a sickening feeling getting robbed. When I was senior high my family made a trip to a conference out of our province and our van got robbed while we were attending mass – who does that? Anyways all our stuff was taken – clothes, laptop… even my school binders and textbooks (I was studying for a test on our trip). The funny thing is I could care less that I had no clothes left for the trip but my school binders! All that work… yes I was a nerd. Haha! Anyways, I’m glad that your car wasn’t damaged and that nobody was hurt 🙂

    BTW – loving the chunky thighs 😀

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