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Seven Quick Takes

September 10, 2010

So this is a catch up post disguised as Friday Quick Takes.  Bonus points for it actually being Friday.  Subtract points for the fact that these are not exactly quick.


This past Friday I got to stay home with LPK for the day.  His nursery was having a “teacher work day” so what was to be a three day weekend became a four day weekend.  Not complaining!  But all you ladies who stay home full-time: how do you make yourself not be lazy?  Honestly, all I wanted to do was take naps (snuggle LPK) and read my library books.  All I actually did was load the dishwasher, play with LPK, and then waste time online when he napped.  Argh.  I wanted to get the apartment in shape for the long weekend.

Plus I was lonely for HH.  I guess I’ve gotten used to working on campus with him.  You really can’t have your cake and eat it to.


Speaking of library books, I made my first trip to the library since the babe was born.  I’m the crazy person who limits how many books I can check out by how many I can carry.  I’m a really fast reader, I can easily get through fourteen+ books in the allotted two weeks I have them checked out.  Or, rather, I could.  Back in the days when my time was my own.  Now I’m lucky to average a page per night.  This has drastically changed my reading habits.

I used to read a mostly fiction– a sizable percentage were actually very well written and then I threw in a bunch of junk fiction just for the fun of it. With reading time so precious I don’t waste any effort on junk fiction.  Good fiction is rated on a much harder scale.  And my favorite books to read are nonfiction.  They are easy to pick up and put down and give me much more food for thought during all those times when I can’t read.  Sigh, when did I get so old?  I used to think people who read nonfiction were so boring.  Imagination used to be everything.

Also, even worse, the couple fiction books I have made it through in the past six months or so I cheated with.  That’s right, I read the end before I was at the end.  I always got so frustrated with people who spoiled the end for themselves.  It was one of my biggest pet peeves, so disrespectful to the author.

What’s happening to me?


To highlight just how scarce my reading time has become: I watched “Anne of Green Gables” the movie instead of reading the book, again.

This is coming from the girl who will willingly walk out of any movie that distorts the book on which it is based (which is nearly every single one of them).  Although, the movie version of AoGG is pretty good.  I’m not complaining.  And HH watched it with me!!  (I think he even liked it?)


A facebook friend recently posted the hackneyed line “love means never having to say you’re sorry” as their status.  I could barely keep myself from rolling my eyes.  This person is still a kid (err teenager), so I’m cutting them some slack, but really, it’s quotes like this that give people messed up ideas about love.

I *think* the idea behind this line is that if you love someone, you won’t hurt them and thus, you won’t have to say sorry.  But, unless you are a veritable saint, I’m not sure how that would ever happen.  The fact is, that the people we hurt the most are the people we are closest to.  The fact is, that knowing how to say “I’m sorry” and ask for forgiveness is one of the most powerful gifts you can give a relationship.  The fact is, there will be plenty of times when you have to say “sorry” even though you feel like you didn’t do anything wrong.  The fact is, love means having to say you’re sorry over and over and over again.

At least if you’re me.

Also, if you’re me, those are probably the two hardest words you’ve ever mouthed.  “I’m sorry.”  I’m the world’s worst apologizer.  It’s something I struggle with every day.  HH is brilliant with apologies and warm hugs.  I sulk.  And hand out “sorries” begrudgingly.  I have prayed for grace in this area and it seems God’s answer was to give me a lot more situations in which I have to use those words.  With humility.


LPK is lying on the floor next to my chair just shouting.  He really loves the sound of his own voice.


I got my driver’s license switched over yesterday.  I am officially a resident of the one state I swore never to live in.  Life is a funny thing.

Also funny: Because of my name change and the fact that not all my vital document match up yet (arghhhh) I had to show my marriage certificate (license?) at the DMV.  I got married in Arkansas and they gave me a huge, embellished, gorgeous license.  It looks like a document from the 1800s.  It is much larger than a sheet of paper, has all sorts of fancy language, and is covered in beautiful embellishments and designs.  All the vitals are handwritten in by my father (who is an ordained Deacon and married us).  I love it and I think it does justice to one of the most important events in my life.

The NJ DMV does not believe it’s authentic.  The first time I presented it I was told, “This isn’t real.  It’s too fancy.  Do you have something else?” Ummm….

The second time I presented it (yeah, I had to go through everything twice) this was what the lady behind the desk told her co-worker, “See, this is how they do it down South.  This is even signed by a Reverend.  We don’t allow that here.”  I’m really not sure who signs marriage licenses in NJ if not the minister…but, ok.  HH told them, in no uncertain terms, that if they had a problem with it, we would not mind waiting while they phoned Arkansas’ Department of Vital Records to verify the beautiful raised seal.

The woman next to me had her marriage license from NJ.  It was a small, blue, plainly printed square– everything typed into the appropriate spaces.  I’d rather have my ornate certificate and snarky comments anyday.


For the first time EVER, we forgot to pay our rent this month.  I have no idea how it happened.  Well, some idea.  HH worked for 36 straight hours the night of Sep. 1 and it just threw everything off.

The late penalty is 10% of your rent, which sucks, obviously.  Although it’s better than the $50 a day fine that our last place imposed.  (Not that we were ever fined because we are never late.  On any bills.  Thanks to HH.)  Of course, this would be the month where we had to finish paying off our (ugh) RI excise taxes and extra enrollment fee for LPK — things were tight one week into the month.

I cut the extra check yesterday and we grudgingly went to drop it off, only to discover that they were waving late fees this month.  WOW!  Because of the long weekend, people were complaining to corporate that they didn’t have a chance to drop off their checks, so all the late fees were gone.  Poof.

Is that providential or what?


LPK is really truly and honestly crawling.  He is everywhere.  It’s amazing.  Except when he climbs in the dishwasher.  Or the Shower.  I’m glad he didn’t skip crawling because crawlers are so cute.

It’s so cute how he tries to keep up with me.  He’ll crawl after me where ever I go and then he gets so frustrated because as soon as he reaches me, I move on somewhere else.  At one point he caught me and clung onto my pant leg, just to make sure I didn’t wander off.

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  1. September 10, 2010 10:01 am

    That is very interesting about your marriage license! And I’m so glad you said what you did about love and saying you’re sorry. One of the most idiotic platitudes ever circulated.

  2. September 10, 2010 11:17 pm

    Oh, I feel like watching Anne of Green Gables now 🙂

  3. Mary permalink
    September 11, 2010 10:24 pm

    You skipped to a book’s ending? You, the girl who refused to lend her books to her sisters without first making them swear on all that is holy that they would NOT skip to the ending? What is the world coming to?

    • September 14, 2010 8:31 am

      I know!! It’s horrible! I feel so guilty every time I do it…and it’s sorta addictive.

  4. Adriana permalink
    September 14, 2010 1:11 am

    your post made me smile! i really liked what you said about love. I, too, find saying “I’m sorry” SO gosh darn difficult. And sometimes it feels like the HARDEST thing to say. but you are right – saying im sorry is huge, and loving someone, you end up saying it a whole heck of it a lot. I really related to just about everything you said in that “quick take”. And then all the LPK quick takes make me smile soooooooooo much. i wish Gaia crawled more!

    Do i even need to state my feelings about his picture?? 🙂


    • September 14, 2010 8:33 am

      hahaha you’re so sweet 🙂 And crawling is the cutest thing ever!

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