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September 27, 2010

When I only check up on blogs once a week…or so (*ahem* almost two weeks *ahem*) …I miss important things.  This lovely lady has had her dear friends go missing and the outlook is bleak.  All I have to offer are prayers and support.  Join me?


I was doing my weekly grocery shopping the other day and was at my favorite part– standing in the check out line.  (Just kidding, I hate that part).  The woman behind me was making baby noises and LPK.  It’s all well and good, keeps him entertained and me from having to make awkward small talk.  Then I get “the question.”

Everyone wants to know about the helmet.  Sometimes people are genuinely curious about plagiocephaly.  Lots of times they think it is to keep the boy’s head safe and they want to know where to pick one up for their own kid.  This woman was new and different.

She looks me square in the eye and says, “So I guess there’s something wrong with his brain or something?”

Ohh…cue overprotective mother mode.  Really?  Even if the helmet was barely holding his slippery brain in– or something– surely you could still use a little tact.  Just a little.  Please.


I was struck with the 24 hour stomach bug this weekend.  All I can say is that throwing up is the worst kind of sick to me.  And HH is amazing.  He set me up with ginger-ale, crackers, and took care of baby.  Then he added his special touch by putting on an old cheesy movie from his childhood.  I mostly dislike old eighties and nineties movies (Ghostbusters and the like– probably because they weren’t part of my childhood), but HH always turns them on for me when I’m sick.  It’s his way of giving me something comforting, because they remind him of his childhood.

It’s one of the sweetest things.  And I watch them happily.

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  1. September 27, 2010 11:25 pm

    Thank you for joining me in prayer. There is still no news of finding my friends but people continue to search and we continue to hope…
    I can’t believe that lady said that!
    Being sick to the stomach is awful! I pray that you make a full recovery quickly.

  2. another mother permalink
    October 3, 2010 10:33 am

    Strangers sometimes say the tackiest things to pregnant women and mothers of young children. Standing in queue at stores is a natural forum for such comments, as the recipient of the barbed/provocative remark cannot simply walk away.

    I learned, over time, to have a few canned responses prepared, just in case. This was most helpful in maintaining my cool, staying polite, and setting a good example for my children.

    The most popular triggers for strangers back in the day included every visible pregnancy after I had two preschoolers with me; and the inevitable question about where my children went to school when they were doing things in the community with me during school hours. Of course, the most common. knee-jerk reaction to learning my children were home schooled was quite negative in those days, so a couple of prepared and practiced responses to home school objections were essential.

    An unexpected benefit of being well-prepared with one-liners was that the strangers sometimes entered a discussion in which they expressed their own ambivalence on the subjects of family size or alternative forms of education.

    Re: LPK’s helmet, maybe a simple “Yes, it is good for him –and stylish, too!” would deflect the wrong kind of attention from strangers.

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