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During These 40 Days for Life

October 3, 2010

My heart aches today.

I have been reading about Stanislawa Leszczynska, the Catholic midwife of Auschwitz.  Her work was incredible and she is an official candidate for beatification.  Her story can be found here.  It brought me to tears several times. She delivered thousands of babies and never lost a mother or infant.  The Nazi’s would take care of that part.  Even going so far as to employ a midwife convicted of infanticide to drown all newborns immediately after birth.

Today I also read this.

Her story is not unusual.  But, she has put herself out there in a way that suggests her mind is not quite made up.  17 weeks.  That was the exact day that my husband first felt LPK kick.  17 weeks.  That was the day I took my last dose of anti-nausea meds and the second trimester goodness kicked in.  17 weeks.  That is over two thirds of the way to the 24 week viability mark.

Please pray for her.  She is not alone.  Ask Stanislawa Leszczynska to intercede on her behalf and on the behalf of her unborn child.  She is not alone.

“I vividly recall a woman from Vilno, sent to Auschwitz for giving help to the partisans. Immediately after giving birth to a child her number was called out. . . I went to excuse her. This did not help but merely intensified anger. I realized she was being called out to the crematorium. She wrapped the child in a dirty piece of paper, pressed it to her breasts. . . Her lips moved noiselessly.

She tried to sing her baby a song, as mothers often did there, murmuring to their infants various lullabies with which they tried to compensate them for the piercing cold and hunger, for their misery. However, she did not have the strength. . . she was unable to emit a sound . . . only large copious tears came from under her eyelids, flowing over her unusually pale cheeks and falling onto the head of the tiny child condemned to death.”

Stanislawa Leszczynska concludes her brief but terrible memoir with the following remarks: “All of the babies were born alive. It was their purpose to live.”

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  1. October 3, 2010 4:52 pm

    I’d never heard of Stanislawa Leszczynska before. An amazing woman indeed! We’ll be keeping this other lady in our prayers. She is not alone 🙂

  2. October 3, 2010 10:40 pm

    Thank you so much for posting about both of these people. The first is someone I’d like to read more about, and the second… well, the second, as you said, makes my heart hurt. It is one thing to hear statistics on abortion – hard to feel much, as no-one can really love a statistic. But thinking back to when my daughter was just a 17 week old little one inside me, and thinking about this woman’s baby, sheltered and unknowing, and quietly growing day to day, with no idea that that safety and security is going to soon be shattered, violated, and intentionally broken in upon – and how this woman has no idea of what she is giving permission to…
    I’ll definitely be praying, for a change of heart, and also for the little one (and her!) soul. Our world is just so broken, and this (especially all the comments to her post, the hundreds of women talking about the abortions that they have had) really, really hit that point home to me. May the Lord have mercy on us all.

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