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Reason #2983 Why I Don’t Blog That Often

December 5, 2010

I finally get LPK agreeable to a nap.  HH decides to nap with him.  Wow– is it true?  I get some time to myself?

What to do?

There is laundry to be sorted…and the little guy has pulled it all off the couch and onto the floor.  Hopefully I will be able to pick off the stray dog hairs, smooth out some wrinkles, and make the work clothes somewhat decent. At some point today.

I have rolls of wrapping paper and presents out to be wrapped.  I spent all morning keeping the wrapping paper out of little curious hands.

And then, I could always ditch the above and take a stroll upstairs…turn on that computer-machine and, I dunno, blog or something.

So I do that.  And as I sit here in the loft overlooking the livingroom I hear an ominous noise.

It’s the dog.


All over the laundry.

And the wrapping paper.


I guess I’m off to clean.


LPK has a new game. It's called "sit with my mouth open and wait for food to be dropped in." He's awesome.



P.S. I really need some tips for keeping young toddlers amused (think “content and quiet”) during Mass.  All I can say is– God bless the kind and generous souls sitting around us today, because I’m pretty sure LPK was distracting the entire back quarter of the church with his antics.

(My husband was working all night so he slept in today and let me say: I can NOT do the single mom thing.  At least with HH around, when the little boy is being embarrassing during Mass I can pass him off to his father and then pretend I don’t know either of them.  Haha…yeah, I can’t actually do that, they are both too cute.)

Now I’m really off to clean… ugh….

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