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Merry Christmas!

December 26, 2010

LPK and his awaited cousin (as held by me and SIL)


Christmas Morning 🙂


Christmas was amazing!!  It was my first year without my family, which was sad– but we got to spend the Eve and Morning with HH’s family.  They are a lively and happy bunch!

And now we have a snowstorm rolling through… the only time I like snow is at Christmas time– so this is perfect!!

We took LPK out for his first snow experience and it was as great as I hoped.  He showed his Norwegian colors by squealing in delight when the icy snow-laden wind hit him.  And then he went traipsing through the snow like a regular snow bunny.

Oh, yeah, have a mentioned that he walks like a pro??  He learned around thanksgiving time.  I love watching him toddle around, it’s pretty gosh darn cute.  And he’s actually a little slower than when he was crawling, so that has given me a breather (until he learns to run…).

I hope you all have a blessed Christmas season!

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