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I’m back?

February 18, 2011

Something about the lengthening days has given me the motivation to blog again.  Well, that and finally not being sick.  It must be a “having kids” thing, but man, we have been hit by one disease after another, taking it’s toll on each of us in turn.  Ugh.

LPK is 14 months old today.  I cannot believe how fast this time goes.  He just gets more enthralling and charming the older he gets.  Every month I say “This has got to be my favorite age!”  Then he’ll go and be even more awesome.  I also have to stop calling him “LPK” because, now that’s he’s big, those initials just doesn’t convey his personality.  His great-grandfather dubbed him “Spike” (I don’t have a clue where that came from…well, maybe his spikey hair).  Anyway, I’ll run with that nickname from now on (even though, I’m pretty sure I’ve revealed all of our real names throughout the course of this blog; privacy on the internet does not exist…)

He loves giving hugs and kisses to me and HH.  Every day when we pick him up, it’s the first thing he does: kiss us both.  It’s to die for.

He isn’t talking yet.  Well, he says “Daddy,” but that is it.  And the closest we ever came to “Mama” was when he was four months old.

Even so, I’m enamored, what more can I say?

HH got a new job, basically an amazing promotion from his old job.  That was pretty crazy (especially since it happened so fast).  We were totally excited about seriously being able to pay down student loans, but we have been hit by one thing after another since he got his pay raise.  To the extent that we haven’t seen any of that extra money yet.  And probably won’t for a few more months.  It’s quite providential that he got the job when he did, otherwise we’d be blowing through our savings at a scary scary pace.

And me, well, I have some monumental decisions ahead of me.  I’ve always had my life planned out and, for the most part, things have gone exactly according to plan.  Until now.  And in an effort to not despair over my inability to attain what I wanted, I began searching for other avenues to take my life.  After all, if God didn’t want for me what I wanted for me, then surely he had other plans?

I was attracted to one big thing that had been hiding in the corner of my head for some time.  And that was the art of midwifery.  And so, after much pondering, I decided about ten months ago to apply to UPenn’s school of Nurse for a Nurse-Midwife degree.  I was informed that that specific Master’s was their most competitive.  But I put in my application nearly 100% positive that one of two things would happen: a) I wouldn’t get in, or b) I’d be pregnant and unable to attend.  As it turns out, it was c) none of the above.

So, I’ve been accepted as a midwife student, but now I’m at such a fork in the road.  This is an amazing opportunity.  I know I’d love doing this, I love this field, and, once my training was complete, I would be able to work from home– or part time in a clinic.  Plus, I’d be able to spend a lot more time with Spike during the day 🙂

On the other hand, going back to school is going to be a big change for my family.  We will have to move into the city (yes, move, again).  And it will probably be a downgrade.  No washer and dryer in unit.  Maybe no dishwasher (how will I survive???).  We will really have to cut back on, well, everything, if we are going to live off just my husband’s salary.  And I will have to take out more student loans.  I’m not sure how much will be grants vs loans, but it will constitute a piece of the financial aid package and I’m extremely reluctant to burden us further with more loans.

My husband is ridiculously supportive of any decision I make.  And he’s proud of me!  It’s nice to know I have his backing no matter what.

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  1. February 18, 2011 5:08 pm

    What a big decision! Midwifery is a very special profession and I think we need more midwives (especially up here in Northern Canada!). I’ll pray that God guides your decision making 🙂

  2. February 18, 2011 8:35 pm

    So good to see you back! Congrats on your acceptance, and prayers for your discernment process. Midwives rock – I had a great experience with our nurse-midwife who delivered our daughter, and we definitely need more people in that profession!

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