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I’ll Probably Delete This In The Morning…

March 5, 2011

Today really couldn’t be crappier.  And every time I’ve said that today, I’ve been proven wrong.  So I’ve got about an hour and a half to have something worse happen.

My iphone got wet… no, not wet, it got submerged.  It drowned.  It got so full of water that you could hear it sloshing around inside.  My dearest HH tried to fix it, but the touch screen was caput.  That wasn’t the worst deal if it was the only thing wrong– replacement screens are actually pretty inexpensive (compared to buying a new phone).  But, we needed to make sure that it was only the screen that was broken before we shelled out the bucks.  Optimistically (ha) I suggested that HH trade his iphone’s screen for mine– just to check out the phone’s other functions (like, you know, answering calls…stuff like that).

Despite the fact that my husband is extraordinarily gifted with electronics, he has his bad days.  This was one.  And he static-ed his own phone.  Yup, while trying too save his wife’s phone– he completely fried his own.

So now we have no phones (except HH’s work line).

I’m seriously addicted too my phone– so it’s H-A-R-D detoxing cold-turkey.  Plus, no one can reach us.  (Hey family….we’re still alive…not that you’d call anyway…)

That was one fun episode from today.

Want to hear another?

I decide to relieve some stress and gloom by digital scrapbooking after I put Spike down for the night.  I did that for a while, when I realized what I really wanted to do: write.  I haven’t worked on any of my stories since Spike was born.  And, all of a sudden, I realized I had time (glorious time) and inclination– nay, desire– to plunge back into my fictional worlds.  (Misery spurs my creativity, seriously).

Ha. ha. ha.

Remember how my computer ate itself a few months back?  Pictures weren’t the only casualty.  When I actually opened my document folder to find my stories I discovered that every single document with a title  past the letter “m” was gone.  Completely vanished.

Yeah, the two stories that I’ve been working on for the past five or six years had titles that began with “r” and “s” respectively.

No problem, I hurried to that nifty mac invention “time machine” because it still had backups from before my computer crashed.

Except it didn’t.

There was plenty of space on the hard drive.  But it had randomly decided to erase all backups older than a month.

I found an AutoSaved version of both stories (thank goodness I love to leave things open for weeks on end and that AutoSave titles begin with “A”).  But, my luck being as it is, both versions were ancient.  A hundred pages or so in each story– which is maybe, maybe a third of the total length of each.

I guess one small blessing is that, as many tears as I’ve shed over the death of these three treasures of mine… their tragedies absolutely pale in regards to the real kicker that happened today.  So, maybe it’s better to have everything bad happen in one day.  Kinda makes one numb.  Sure losing my phone and hard work really stinks, but something worse could happen.  Oh, but it did.  Perspective, right?

And why did such a miserable day have to be so beautiful???? Really????? That’s just beyond unfair.

PS: I’m being a total drama queen and I know it.  I have my beautiful baby and my wonderful husband.  We have our health and our jobs.  Still, I need to throw a pity party for a little bit here.  It’s cathartic.  Or something.

I was going to just write an action intense scene in my book to relieve my emotions, but that’s not happening, so blog-world it is :).

PPS:  You know how that say you should never make decisions about your hair when you are emotional?  I call BS on that one.  I hacked off about a foot of hair today and it felt amazing.

….haha…maybe that’s what they are warning about.  I guess we’ll see in the morning if regret sets in.

Thank goodness tomorrow is Sunday.  And Wednesday starts Lent.  Can’t come soon enough.

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  1. Adriana permalink
    March 6, 2011 1:29 pm

    oye 😦
    one of those days.. feel free to vent and mope! and cry. if you cant do that on your blog where else can you do it? the good thing is that you KNOW deep down (and not so deep down) that at the end of the cruddy day, you still have a good life & it’ll be okay. but things like that are so easy to be like seriously?!?! why me / why today?!!? it happens to everyone… or so i hope (haha) bc if its just me (and you) then thats just rude of the universe…

    the key is to get up the next day and say, ahhh, well fudge it… there’s that quote “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, And wisdom to know the difference.” i try repeating it to myself when things get rough. but there’s also this quote – very similar but i really like the first line the best :
    “There are things in my life which I have no power to change, my peace depends upon accepting them.
    The more I fight them, the more they will torment me. Having the courage to change the things I can, gives me unlimited freedom to work on what concerns me. When I emphasize “things” not people, it leaves room for improving MY life. To do that, I must change my attitude and actions for the better.”

    but i have it on a sticky note on my desktop so every time i turn my computer on or open it, its right there. and i repeat – i guess its my mantra now – especially when i get my latest medical bill or see how much money i dont have, or i get my terrible score on my patho test… It helps. i still cry some days, but it definitely helps when i feel really frustrated. i do have my days when i just mope and cry but at least we have.. perspective… its a b*tch but it does help haha

    hope today is better! – better than my sunday has been – xooxoxox

    • March 7, 2011 1:16 pm

      I came here this morning to delete my post, but your comment was so sweet that it has to stay!!

      Thank you so much 🙂


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