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Seven Quick Takes

March 25, 2011


Oh my goodness, it’s been a while since I’ve done these.  Today has been lovely.  Poor Spike came down with a stomach bug yesterday and was vomiting every hour.  He couldn’t keep anything down.  I’ve never seen him look so defeated.  I knew when he was about to throw up again because he’d start whimpering and clinging to me.

Yeah, both of us went throw many clothes changes.  Many, many, many.

Anyhow, that brings us to today.  I’m staying home with the tyke (who’s feeling much better!!).  It’s been so precious- I’ve gotten most of my weekend chores out of the way and have had lots of time to just relax with my boy.


I FINALLY get to go see my niece this weekend!!  Plus, I just found out that I’m getting another niece this summer!!  Spike is going to have his hands full with girl cousins (I originally wrote “full of girl cousins” and then I realized that was not the meaning I wanted to imply….).


A while ago I decided that I really needed a hobby– something almost mindless, but creative, that I could do to unwind and relax.  I thought about making blogging my hobby…but, I think that’s too self-centered (if you get my meaning).  So I picked up scrapbooking.

I used to do tons of scrapbooking in highschool, you know, back when my parents didn’t mind buying my supplies.  Then I got to college and stopped once I realized how expensive the scrapbooking material really is!!

Now I’ve entered the new frontier of digital scrapbooking.  Oh my goodness– it’s less mess, ridiculously cheap (basically free), and three hundred times more fun.  Photoshop wins over glue and scissors, hands down.


The dogs are stuck to Spike like glue.  Because he’s eating goldfish.  He’s completely tickled at the attention they are showing him.  They blatantly ignore him at all other times.


Spike is getting sedated twice in the coming months.  It stinks.  But he has to have a follow up MRI and then he’s getting his botox injections.  15 months is certainly not old enough to sit still for those!


Around Christmas, I noticed a small rash on my chin.  I brushed it off as contact dermititis (I do work around corrosives and abrasives and all sorts of yummy chemicals– and I’m not so good at watching where my gloved hands go).  However, a month later, it had spread all over my chin and was getting very red and ugly.

I looked it up and discovered it was most definitely a certain type of dermatitis that must be treated differently than other, more regular, types of dermatitis.  Armed with this information I went to my doctor for meds since I learned it would only get worse and would not get better on its own (well not for a couple years…haha).

My doctor completely shot me down.  She listened to about twenty seconds of what I was trying to say, gave me lecture about how she was the one who went to med school, and proceeded to prescribe me the exact thing I wasn’t supposed to use (steroids).  I was furious that she didn’t listen to me, but she seemed so forceful that I decided to use the cream.

Big mistake.  The rash spread aggressively all over the lower half of my face.  HH assures me that it wasn’t that bad, but for the way I felt, I might as well have been the Phantom of the Opera (‘cept I didn’t get a mask 😦 ).

I met with a real dermatologist who instantly agreed with my research and gave me some lovely immunosuppresants.  Five days of using them and the rash is almost gone.

Thank God.

I know I need to have more humility in my life… but still, I’m so relieved it’s going away.

That, however, isn’t the point of the not-so-quick take.

When I first noticed the rash spreading, I quit using every single facial product.  I had washed my face religiously since I was 14– I don’t think  I had ever missed a day.  My skin was…well, it sucked as a teenager and improved maybe 20% as an adult.  I always battled break-outs and excessively dry skin/oily skin (oh that t-zone).

I have washed my face with warm water only for three months and wow, wow, WOW!  My skin is comepletely clear and soft.  Not in the least bit oily, maybe a tad dry, but perfect otherwise.  I never would have dared to quit scrubbing my face with chemicals if it weren’t for the rash, so I guess there is a silver lining.  🙂


I need to learn how to write normal-length quick takes.  Sorry about that!!

Find more quick-takes at ConversionDiary!!

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