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Seven Quick Takes

April 15, 2011


I’m at work so I’ll actually make these *quick*.  So quick that  notifying you of my location counts as one.  Hahaha.  And I’m wasting my time right now… I have 27 PCR reactions to get through.  Oh well.  It’s FRIDAY!!!


Yesterday was HH’s birthday.  He’s now finished a quarter century of life.  Convo with his good friend in the morning:

Friend: “Happy Birthday, it all goes down hill from here.”

HH: “Haha, thanks, man.”

Friend: “No.  I’m serious.  I was told that when I turned 25.  And it’s true.”

HH: “…”

I see him at lunch and he asks me, quite sincerely, if it’s all downhill.  I just laughed at him.  But, really, this is my answer (since I know he will read this):

We’re just getting started, baby.  The future is brighter and more exciting than it has ever been.  If this is downhill, it is one awesomely enjoyable ride :).  I love you!!!


Spike has not been going to bed easily.  He has never been easy to put down, and it’s even worse now.  He has never had a favorite blanket or toy to sleep with.  In fact, there is only one thing that guarantees a quiet passage into sleep:  that’s it I sit next to his crib and let him hold my hand until he drifts off.  And man, he has quite the grip.  I’ve tries to gently relax his hand so I can sneak away, but he’s a veritable vise!

I probably shouldn’t encourage it, but I love it.  So, whatever.


Speaking of going to bed, he’s learned tricks that delay bedtime.  Trying to play peek-a-boo with me.  Getting my to tickle his stomach…well, pretty much engaging in any game and then laughing his sweet head off.  He knows I’m addicted to that laughter and will engage just to keep it coming.


One good thing about bed time:  it was easy as pie to get him off the bottle and then off milk.  Now I just give him a sippy cup with water and he drinks, then puts it in the corner of his crib.  Good for his teeth and a good routine, I think.


When my harddrive died a while ago, I lost most of my writing.  Including things that I had been working on for over five years.  I just found out that I had randomly emailed the most important document to myself after completing some heavy-duty work that I thought was all lost.  I have no idea why I emailed it.  I never ever do that.  It’s not like I’ve worked on it anywhere but my computer and I don’t show it to anyone else.  Still, that discovery pretty much made my week.  I’m so happy!!!  Plus, webmail is the best.  And, PSA, always keep your important files backed up in multiple locations.


I hate five weekend months.  It really throws my budgeting off– well, not off so much as it just takes a lot more planning.  I allocate based on a four weekend month (since I do my shopping on weekends), but I don’t adjust for five weekend months.  This month is particularly bad because of HH’s bday (lots of good food to make) and Easter (lots of good food I want to make).

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  1. April 18, 2011 11:51 pm

    yay that you found some of your writing!

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