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My Mother’s Day

May 8, 2011

… was beautiful.  HH and Spike took me out for brunch and I felt a little silly being spoiled by them.  I didn’t need, or want, anything for Mother’s Day.  Just being a mother is a gift enough.  A huge, wonderful, and infinitely blessing gift.

Trying to make Spike wear his hat (fair skin and all)

...but he declined

In the afternoon we took a long walk around our neighborhood.  We never use a stroller for family walks, Spike has too much fun running around.  But it does mean that the quarter mile we walked took a very very very long time.  Especially since my little man is in this phase where, if I tell him not to go somewhere (i.e. the busy street), he’ll just plop down on the ground and try to wait me out.  Unfortunately, his mama is loaded has much more patience than he does.

He usually likes my kisses... sometimes...

There we go-- a bit more happy!!

On Mother’s Day, and the time surrounding it, I am filled with such joy at the wonder of my blessings– but also feel the weight of sadness for those who want desperately to be mothers, but aren’t; and those that need mothers, but have none.  So, remember those women and children also this week.

That's his smile for me!!!!!!

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  1. May 13, 2011 12:13 am

    He’s such a cutie!! I’m glad you had a lovely mother’s day 🙂

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