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18 Months!

June 18, 2011

My son is 18 months old today!!

It’s beyond incredible to watch him grow and change every day.

Right now he:

-loves to dance and spin in circles

-newest word is “bubble.”  We are still not very word-heavy, but when he sees bubbles, he knows what he wants!

-He finally falls asleep, more or less, on his own.

-He adores cleaning.  Give him a rag and a spray bottle of water and he’s a very happy boy going around spraying things and wiping it up.

-He’s very equitable about his kisses.  If he kisses me then he must go find Daddy and kiss him, too.

-I still rock him every night and he will hold my hand tightly

-He loves saying his prayers…well, at least folding his hands 🙂

-He loves the pool and bath time and the dog water bowl… just water in general.

-And he has me wrapped around his finger.  He’s been asleep for an hour and I miss him so much!!

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