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Just an Update

March 11, 2012

No baby yet… LPK had arrived well before this point so I never reached the ridiculously uncomfortable/unable to move or do anything point of pregnancy before.  I don’t mind it too much because I know I will miss it so much when the kiddo is out.

Also I’ve been able to tackle any number of projects and preparations that need to be done.  I have actually cooked a frozen a whole bunch of meals and snacks.  HH and Spike won’t starve…yay!!  I also finally blew the dust off my sewing machine.  I made my own nursing cover.   It cost me $12 (could have been cheaper, but I fell in love with pricey fabric).  I spent about three hours whipping it together about a week ago.  It came out perfectly.  Until I showed it to HH.  Appearantly, I failed to realize that my fabric had a serious orientation problem and now everything is upside down. Oops.

I also bought and hemmed 5 yards of fabric for my own baby wrap.  I really wanted a woven wrap, but couldn’t justify the price. On etsy I could find them for $40ish.  Retail they go for anywhere from $80+.  So I just bought some lavender cotton gauze and made my own.  It was $20 (such good deals for fabric online!!).  All of this reminded me how much I miss sewing.

LPK has been great, like always.  Plus, he rocks hats 🙂

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