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Things To Remember

May 16, 2012


–His current favorite phrase “oh man!”

–How he says sleep as “fweep.”

–His best nighttime procrastination technique: yelling out “Mommy, I miss you!”

–His favorite way to end sentences: the word “everywhere.”  As in: “There is poop everywhere.” “I broke it everywhere.”  “I miss you everywhere.”

–He says “mah” instead of “my” giving himself a sort of southern accent

— Most recent doctor visit he kept saying: “please doctor, listen to mah heart!”

— How he loves to help set the table by giving everyone 5-10 utensils.

–The face he makes when he is trying to be brave.  It’s an awkward little smile while his eyes fill with tears.  And he can be so brave.

— How he loves to take care of Roo.  LPK with just shower the little one with kisses and begs to hold him.  When Roo cries he will run over and say “It’s ok! I’m here, I’m here!”


–Only Daddy can make him laugh, but I’ve gotten a couple good morning smiles

–He has rolled from front to back twice

–He can be so alert and serious as well as the most beautiful sleeper.

–If I leave him crying for a bit and then go and pick him up he is not grateful, at all.  Instead he just glares at me and holds a grudge.

–Right now he is lying on his playmat and hitting at his toys.  Not sure if he is doing it on purpose, but he is finding it amusing.

–For the past two nights he has slept between 6-8 hours straight.  While the sleep-deprived me is overjoyed, Mama me is a little worried that he isn’t waking himself up to eat.

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