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Baptism Take Two

May 21, 2012

My second child was baptized yesterday at 9 weeks of age.

When LPK was baptized it was a moving and emotional affair.  I was definitely teary-eyed for most of the day.  This time?  I almost missed the actual baptizing because that same son was making a break for freedom (thank goodness Roo’s godmother snagged him or my only tears would have been those of toddler frustration).

Also, Roo screamed for pretty much the entire ceremony.  When we stood up at the front of church we had one screeching baby and a toddler trying to attack the altar.  Three other little boys were also getting baptized.  They were angels.  As was our godparent’s 9 month old teething boy.  All absolute beautiful golden haired angels.  And we were right smack in the middle with great frozen smiles while the priest kept having to speak louder and louder.  :/

Of course, once the ceremony was over Roo was completely happy.  Maybe it was some of those baptismal graces taking effect :).

All in all, it was a great weekend.  The godparents came down from NH, which was so sweet of them– we know how it is traveling with an infant.  We managed to make it to the zoo on saturday and have some good meals and good conversations (yay another woman who loves to talk about cloth diapering)!  HH’s grandparents also made it and brought soup, bagels, and cookies.  They also managed to figure out our camera and take pictures for us, which is priceless.

And now both of my boys have red-headed godfathers.  I think that’s hilarious.

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