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June 7, 2012

Today I rose, bleary-eyed, and was met with enthusiastic requests for breakfast.  I had already hunkered down in my nursing chair so I told LPK something along the lines of:

“Why don’t you go find your cheerios and a bowl?”

You know, something ambiguous enough to keep him occupied for a few minutes until I had more hands free.  

And indeed, it was some minutes later when the cheerful face reappeared.  

“Mommy! I made breakfast!”

“You did?” I was suspicious, at best.  We took a stroll to the kitchen.  

I was astounded.  

My little man had set out two bowls, two spoons, and dumped cheerios (as well as he could) into each bowl.  

“Mommy and me!” he pointed happily at his set up.  I hugged my darling and brought out the milk so we could eat together.  

It was only as I was pouring the milk that I noticed…yes, indeed, there were lentils in my cheerios.  

“Um, sweetie, where did you get the bowls?” I asked conversationally.  

“The sink!” he exclaimed, clambering into his chair. Yup, his stool was pushed up to the sink– still containing last night’s dinner dishes.  

I changed out our bowls, vowed to never forget dishes overnight again, and enjoyed an early morning breakfast with the chattiest, snuggliest little boy.  

And…now that I think about it.  I didn’t ask where our spoons came from.  


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