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Diaper Organization

June 20, 2012

For the longest time (ok, three months) I couldn’t figure out a good way to store my diapers.

I use to use LPK’s dresser as a changing table, but he’s gotten too big for it and it’s too disrupting to change Roo there.  For a while I did keep the diapers all jumbled in a basket on that dresser, but it wasn’t too handy.  Eventually they all migrated out to the living room.  I kept them neatly stacked on the back of the love seat.  They were easy to grab and make-up, but a bit of an eyesore.

Finally my sister suggested I just get a plastic chest of drawers.  I should have thought of that myself, really.  I’ll blame baby brain for now.

My diapers are all beautifully organized and easily accessible. Since I love reading and seeing others cloth arrangements, I thought I’d share my modest stash.

Chest of drawers. Changing pad and cloth wipes on top.

Top drawer: pocket diapers

Middle drawer: prefolds, flats, snappis, and fleece liners

Bottom drawer: diaper covers and various inserts/doublers

I’m, obviously, really loving cloth and have definitely changed my mind about some of the diapers I reviewed earlier.  Someday I will update when I dont have my lap full of little boys.

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